Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lazy So and So

I'm home!

Though I don't think it merits the exclamation. Aside from the warmest welcome I've ever recieved from my family, where they all rushed in and piled on top of me, things are as if I never left. Mum has yelled at me for doing things in my time not hers, like usual. My room is a mess as usual. Work is going undone as usual. In fact after this post I am going back to the books and hopefully something will inspire me this time!

Since I returned to the land of nowhere, I have decorated our tree, decorated Robs, been to our church's Christmas party and did two party pieces. I sang White Christmas unaccompanied *gasp* and sang Everything You've Done whilst Rob played guitar. Both went rather well.

It's lovely being around Rob though. I've seen him 5 days out of 5 so far. We've even done a little more wedding planning. So far we have a list of 50 people who we'd definately like to have as guests, and if fianances won't stretch that far, these would be the people who would be there. If there's some extra cash, we have another 50 people who we'd love to have, and then probably another 50 on top of that because well we're popular folk!

We were doing a rough budget last night as well and so far the estimate is £4000 which is ridiculously small compared to the national average of £14000. Hopefully It won't grow much more than that, but as always it will be the catering for the reception that will bring up the cost the most. We're going to have a buffet, and as that is generally done per head, we need to work out exactly how many heads will be attending! We are also going to get married later int he day thus avoiding the needto feed our guests twice, effectively having just an evening reception. That saves a whole bunch of cash that's for sure.

This whole wedding planning business does rather freak me out though. I'm so scared that the families are going to argues about it or the mums try and take over. For all Rob's posturing, well if necessary we'll do it without them bluster, I really don't want to fall out with either family at all. Hopefully though, if we lay out our ground rules at the start all will be well.

Part of me quite likes the idea of romantically eloping to Gretna Green where you can get a whole wedding package for £500 ! Would save a huge amount of hassle and money that's for sure, and then I could spend more on the house. We could even have a huge party on our first anniversary etc... so our friends and family didn't feel left out.

Oh I don't know!

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