Saturday, December 31, 2005

Need to vent a bit and how!

I just feel so ill. I don't want to be moany complaining person but I ache all over.

I'm so fed up of uni stuff. Neither of the two essays are getting written and I hnestly don't know where to begin with them. I'm so fed up with it all. I hate the work at uni, and I know I'm on the wrong degree but leaving would mean getting married later rather than sooner.

It's going to be later rather than sooner anyway now so I suppose it won't matter so much. If i drop out after the first year i can go straight into hairdressing training and work to put more money aside for the wedding etc..

Oh I don't know - all I do know is I can't do these essays. Anyone know anything about Cultural memory and the First world war? Or if gender was an issue in early Jewish Magic?


Anonymous said...

Hunny you sound so depressed. I havent seen you like this for so long. I know I may not be the best person to give advice to you right now but hunny you cant stay in something that is making you so unhappy. Thats common sense. What is the point in staying in something which youre severly struggling with and which is dragging you down so much.

When you go back why dont you speak to one of the student support team? They may be able to give you advice on changing your course or something similar. They could jsut be a good ear really and they would understand the uni side of things much more than anyone else you could talk to.

If its very likely that your wedding will be later than you hoped anyway then surely leaving isnt really gonna make a huge difference to that? You cant stay in something you hate so much just for a few months difference if at the end of the day, its likely to be later anyway.

Feel free to ignore my ramblings but I do care about you and im worried. You know im here if you ever wanna talk. Please take care of yourself. Love Fran xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Wuold you like to come ni and see me at uni, see if I can help in any way?