Friday, December 09, 2005

Early Christmas Presents...

Chris my cooking buddy bought a great gift! We exchanged early due to us not being around at the end of term.

Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4ply

Shade 741

3 1/4 mm needles
28sts to 36 rows - 10x10cm

Approx 200yrds per 50g ball.

Machine Washable :-)

It's the most lovely muted grey green like lichen.

What can I make with it!?


Wendy said...

You have a wonderful name: Alex Jones. Anyway, I wanted to visit because I read your comment on my blog and you mentioned that my pink hair color was "scrummy." Immediately, I googled the term thinking it meant stinky or scummy, but I discovered it is just a sort of UK short term for scrumptious.

THANKS. (and you should see it; it's better, but still not human.)

I can't believe that your hair color is pink/ looks like it is dark to begin with. So maybe it has a funky cast? Wash it with a strong detergent, like dishwasher stuff. That's what my hairdresser told me. Lots of the color came out (but the hair was a mess. Oy)

Wendy said...

I realized that you may not know my name/blog: it is