Monday, September 19, 2005

Pared down blogging.

I write better without the distractions of the full post creating mumbo jumbo. I write better when using the 'blog this' button from the Google Toolbar. Could anyone explain why?

Now then, now then.

I went to an acoustic night last night at Jon's. The A- Foo- Stics were playing, which should give you some idea of the set list. The Foo's held sway and it was heart breakingly beautiful, particularly on 'Best of You' where Jon's voice cracked and he had to laugh and it just made me sad to think that I'm leaving. Especially Lizzy, who's always the side kick in such enterprises. Best woman material no doubt.

I'm happier now about all that. Of course I don't want to leave Rob. In fact I cry a little each time I think about it, but Scott and Lori, bless their cotton socks give me heart. If they can sustain a relationship with oceans in the way, then Rob and I can manage an hour and a half's drive. It will be fine. :)

I've been reading books from my list, half heartedly packing as I hate packing, and finding out all sorts of people I know are going round my way so I won't be lonely. Everyone seem to be afraid I'll turn into a recluse. I'm sure that won't happen, but I'm looking forward to some alone time in a way. Having always lived with lots of people, it'll be nice to have some space that no one can walk into without my key.

Rob went to a JJ72 concert last night and fell in 'love' with their bass player. The fickle man;) Just coz she's hot and in a band. Joking aside they are a great band.

That is it.

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