Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Grr I hate hate hate it!

I'm packing for uni. I have stuff everywhere. And man does it seem like so much stuff. Too much stuff. Stuff everywhere. How many tops/jeans will I need?

I have a room full of things to go with me. Most of it is food that my rents kindly bought me, but it seems a huge amount. I need to put it all in boxes so it looks tidy.

I might not be a tidy person but i like things to look tidy. At least look it.

Hence why I'm squeezing all my clothes into one bag....Help me!

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Anonymous said...

its fine! when i packed for uni i filled the previa up! no joke!
i also have my whole wadrobe with me including pink lady jacket (which my housemates are VERY impressed by!) its better to over pack and gradually send things home rather than underpack right?
love erica xxxxxxx