Monday, March 28, 2005

A very Happy Easter to you all....

I hope the English blog-sphere is enjoying the 4 day weekend the powers that be give us over the Easter Weekend.

I'm on Easter Holiday, or what will be renamed next year Spring Holiday, much in the way the Americans have Spring Break. This is due to school authoritis moving to a six term school year. Shorter summer holidays, longer half terms, and a fixed 'Easter/Spring' Holiday, to avoid incredibly short terms at spring time. I can't make up my mind as to whether it's a good idea or not. 4 weeks does not seem a long enough break for children to shake school out of their system before being chucked back into the sea of learning. But for working parentals, it might be a boon, as they would no longer have to find childcare for six weeks. That too is a double bladed sword, as they'd have to find extra time in Feb and Oct instead.

It won't really bother me after, as I'll be at uni, and really you're never there at uni anyway are you?

We had our Easter Service yesterday at church. Lots of songs talking about empty tombs and cleansing, saving blood. Rob's mum, or the MILTB preached on people forgetting exactly what happenned at Easter, using the Road to Emmaus section of Luke 24, how we become like Cleopas and focus on our own sadness and shortcomings and do not live as if Jesus has risen. Though I found part of the message challenging, the' You get excited part, you can run around church no one will stop you bit' Yes no one will stop us, and we could, but I felt like I was being subtly told to do that. What if I have a another way of rejoicing?

After the service I did the dutiful fiancée bit and tidied up the cables and mike stand and the sound desk, as Rob was rushing off to football and I didn't want him to be late. I also did sound as the sound man for yesterday had just become a grandfather to twins and so understandbly wasn't at church. I find doing sound really hard sometimes as I find it difficult to distinguish between sounds. I'd be hopeless trying to tune a guitar. But it's useful that I help out, so that's why I'm learning. Besides Rob's always around to gesture wildly if Iget terrrible feedback or something.

I went home to Roast chicken and veg, and chocolate puddle pudding, that my sister makes like a star and is to die for hot or cold. Then I had to hunt round the garden for my easter eggs, as we've always done. As everyone knew I've been watching my weight I recieved nice small ones that won't do too much damage. The little programme I made up for my self has work a treat. I've lost a stone and then a little. What I've been doing, is eating really carefully for 3 weeks a month, and then when it's the wrong time of the month, when choclate is not only a delicious foodstuff, but a mood altering necessary drug, I am allowed to eat what I like when. It's a good incentive to put that biscuit back in the cupboard when you know you'll be able to eat what ever you like in three weeks time or whatever.

At Rob's in the afternoon I ended up with another Roast dinner thoug I ate considerably less, and we had jam roly poly with maple chocolate sauce at 9pm when we were watching Troy. Iwas treating my slef to quick knit yesterday of fine gauge pink wool I bought on the cone at a charity shop on 2.75mm making up a lace pattern as I go. I think it's going to be a neckerchief with rose leaf lace from

Troy is one of those good films for talking and watching at the same time. Rob and I had a nice chat, about film related and other wise topics with out everloosing the plot. Whther or not that makes Troy a bad film or not I don't know. I like the fight scenes!

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