Friday, March 11, 2005

Mentally applauds self.

I got a B I got a B I got a B I got a B!

*imagine that said really really fast*

I'm a happy bunny, God has nicely saved my day from being a traumatised whirl of a day where I was told to F*** off by a certain person lots. I got a B on my french retake. This was the exam where I got an E last time. So I've gone from a E at 34 points to a B at 70:), I only needed 4 more points or something equally small to raise my entire grade from a C to B...I got them yeah!!! That leaves me with 3 A's and possibly an A or a B in french.

Happy Happy Alex.

And kudos and hugs to Sarahbean who got all A's on her retakes and modules and now posesses a nice set of A's!

But with all this excitement I manages to mess up mylace pattern in my lacy scarf, so I'm off to frog a few rows....:-(


molly said...

Nice work! I always get caught up in other things and end up messing up lace patterns... but I usually end up recalculating, modifying and trying to make it look normal without ACTUALLY going back. Good for you for doing the right thing!

Anonymous said...

yay for your b! wooooo! *claps for alex*
who were you told to f off by? how rude is that!
erica xxx

Lori said...

We should have a UK CGR meet. I just thought of that. Party at the McFarlanes!!!

Alex Tarling said...

Yeah totally it's be ace, though getting up to scotland would be hazardous!