Monday, December 20, 2004

I need to pluck my eyebrows!

They look so unruly. I have just been looking at pictures of myself dressed up as a punk. The untidy eyebrows just spoilt the look a little, needed to be carefully sculpted arcs. Yet the make up really did suit me and I may just wear the lippy tonight to freak some people out at the church Christmas meal tonight.

Over the weekend I have been pooorrrrrrrllllllllly. With the type of fever you thought you grew out of when your were 9. Hot, Cold, Shakey, Tired, Achey. Saturday I fought it and fought it like a tropper because I was determined to dance. I'm like that. Paracetamol kind of kept it at bay for the most part. I went to Rob's to see him and as I was feel so rough I was really quite ratty. Sorry Rob.

Then after some more medicine I was okay, and we went to the church Christmas party where I danced to the Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker. Although I went wrong 4 times, and Rob is honest self said he saw me go wrong twice, everyone else seemed entranced. My turns were off as teething for wisdom's sake was interferring with my balance. I don't think many people had seen ballet in real life and up close before. That's what made me far me scared there than on stage on Wednesday at the Dance Night at school. Everyone was a minimum of a metre away fom me! I could see their faces as a danced. I'm not used to that. Normally lights are glaring in your face, and the audience a distant mile away.

Yesterday I slept all day. And listened to alot of Radio 4 in between glasses of cranberry juice and water. A child had won a competition on a Children's programme to have his story read by Michael Murporgeo(sp?) the Children's Laureate. He had this one sentence that stuck in my head all day.

"It was really - properly - actually dark!"

The other highlights were a very silly game of 'I'm sorry I haven't a Clue' and the composers of the new music in the new Mary Poppins musical performing their own rendition of Practically Perfect. I also got some good knitting in.

Wednesday was the dance night and it was lovely. Relatively stress free from my perspective, very slick. And all my performance went well. It was like all other up to that point were rehearsals and rehearsals only. I was barely even aware I was performing, just enjoying moving across the stage.

Going on to the 6th Form Christmas Party, I found that my fellow students were more mature than I gave them credit and nothing went majorly wrong. I really enjoyed the nice atmosphere, and even Rob sat with his leg propped up seemed to as well.

I'm a little cross this morning due to unreliable people but that can't be helped. Rob must be right trust no one!

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