Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sometimes I wish......

...I were Prime Minister, or at least in a position to do more than pray in order to change a situation.

A dear friend of mine and her boyfriend were beaten up by what we have labelled 'chavs', the heavy drinking, drug taking, designer label obsessed, dissaffected youth who hang around our town and city centres wearing lots of cheap gold jewellery and spitting swearing and generally abusing any one who is different, or unacceptable to their ideals.

I was outraged that they thought it was acceptable to hurt another human being.

Oh the incessent labelling. It pains me. Because my poor friend and her boyfriend are slightly non conformist the 'chavs' feel the they have the right to judge and hurt and take matters into their own hands. And we propagate this by trying to slot them in to groups, the 'chavs' the 'goths' the 'skaters'.

My poor friend who now panicks when out in public. I want to sweep her into a hug filled with warmed knitted comfort. I shall pray for her.

And I shall be praying for those who did this. That God would take away their fear of things that are different and that they cannot, or find hard to understand.

And I am going to endevour to stop labelling people.

I want no part in this horrible culture.

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thankyou alex