Thursday, November 07, 2013

NaBloPoMo 5 6 7

Ok, so I suck at this already!


I went to work at our office in Micheldever Station today. I love working here. It's a barn conversion and it's peaceful, and has working phones and internet. And a willow sculpture of a bull in the garden you can definitely tell is a bull.

I also painted a picture for Tom's Dad's Christmas present. Tom and I think it's fab, hopefully he will too.


Today I worked out of the church office. On my breaks, I arranged poppies for Remembrance Sunday, had a cup of tea with a friend and got my set of church warden keys. In the evening I made geonese cake for the flower arrangers coffee morning on Saturday. This will need icing tonight, finished the painting and roasted pumpkin and peppers for Tom's lunchtime soup.


I've been in Surrey today, at our weekly planning meeting. I'm lucky to work with a friendly team. Sometimes our meetings are like group therapy! I've also popped into town to get some of Tom's Christmas presents, and spent an hour trying to get one email to send.

I can smell the risotto Tom is making, and Big Bang Theory is keeping company on the telly.

We're off to bible study tonight, and then I will ice my cake when we get in.




I am currently surprised at how intensely tired I am feeling. It's probably a combination of a lack of exercise, adjusting to the darker evenings, a lot of work and not enough sleep.

I'm also surprised at how intensely I'm missing friends - there are a few who I didn't see often, but I've not seen for a bit, and the longing to chat to them has crept up on me.


My last Google search was for Fast Food Review. I have a strange compulsion to read about the excesses of American fast food. Should I ever visit the US again, I'm going to try some of these odd combinations!


I don't currently have a mentor figure in my life, but there are a few people who I really admire. Some of the older ladies at Church are really inspiring. I think the people who give me the most support are friends from university.

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