Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NaBloPoMo 18 19

Nothing much happened yesterday. Had a busy day at work, sorting Christmas stuff and proof reading content.

Then in the evening, I'd thought about going shopping then to the PCC meeting at church, but when I got in I was so hungry, that I ate first, then went to PCC.

PCC was relatively uneventful, looking at some donations to the church and how to spend them, and voting for some new communion assistants. We've got some big decisions to take as a parish coming up, so I expect there will be lots more thought and prayer as we approach the new year.

Afterwards, I went shopping and bought bits for the week as I had no food. I have the ladies coming round on Wednesday after pilates so bought bits to make pizza.  Then I watched a little of the Kennedys programme that was on BBC2

In someways, the Kennedys get treated like the American equivalent of royalty, which is odd for a supposed meritocratic society, in my head anyway.

I also had a fab chat with my dad, as it was his birthday. He's been ill recently, and he sounded so much perkier which was good.

Today has been more proof reading and Christmas sound clips for radio ads, and tech support. I'm off to visit Tom's mum and stepdad tonight and tomorrow, to use up some of my annual leave.

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