Thursday, December 05, 2013

So, I broke my foot

Hello world.

So, I broke my foot. It was a gentle Tuesday evening, I was sat knitting, having eaten my tea. Got up to get ready for dancing, felt a huge pain my left foot, and heard a loud crack and was on the floor.

Cancelled the dancing with Christelle, and then rang Laura to take me to A and E as it had started to swell in a stripe across my foot.

Turns out I've broken the metatarsal in line with my little toe. A and E sent me away with a bandage and crutches and said to rest it, but to try and walk on it a bit.

Fracture clinic appointment this week where they put me in plaster, say not to walk on it, and worry that I have soft tissue damage and want me to have a CAT scan.

Before the fracture clinic appointment I'd felt like it was getting a bit better and was walking on it a bit. Hopefully I've not set myself back due to that conflicting advice.

Today, my colleagues came to take me to a work meeting, which I was so grateful for, so I could see the outside world. They had fun pushing me around Mottisfont in one of the wheelchairs. I loved the theme this year for their Christmas visit, The Swan Queen's Ball. Fantastical decorated trees, a ballroom to dance in. Fabulous.

My friends have been lovely about popping in to see me to make sure I see a person, and get fed whilst Tom is at work. It's nice to feel like people care about you. Even far away friends have sent hamper or offered to pay for takeaways. Very hard to carry things when you've got crutches!

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