Tuesday, March 01, 2011

o/ - How I feel while you're here

When you sit there, biting your fingers and eyes scanning websites, I
sigh a little. You're smiling, at the funny words emanating from the
telly and then again you're inside the words on services, ceremony,
church gossip and news.

It is a strange place to be, over here, away looking over at you as a
casual observer. Your curls are tumble down from a day around and
about. There are bags under your eyes from sleepless fitful nights of

And then I can be me again, the me who sees all your loveliness and
all your flaws again. Today, despite failing at my driving test being
a huge bummer, you made me smile and laugh and dancing about in a
supermarket, we chose seeds for this years vegetable garden. Maybe
tomorrow we will plant them and wonder at what we can grow together.

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