Sunday, March 06, 2011


I must be a grown up because I willingly went in the garden today and gardened.

I asked to go to a garden centre.

There is such joy in bending down to the earth, feeling the warmth of
the soil, and seeing worms and centipedes wiggling.

We have cleared our beds and pots of last years dead growth, and
planted the first crop of seeds. Bought tiny seedlings in tiny pots
and replanted them in possible future homes. The plastic miniature
green house has it's fleecy jacket on, and the warmth inside is
amazing. We've got tomatoes, aubergines, cauliflower, carrots,
lettuce, leaves, herbs and flowers all planted up, with a plan on
everything else to plant.

I can't wait to see things grow. This year I've planted more flowers
so that I can cut them and use them for floral arrangements. And the
garden looks so much nicer with the beds all turned over and ready to

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