Monday, August 03, 2009

Tom and I are getting Married!

Today, after are new routine of breakfast and prayer together, Tom and
I were half seriously looking through engagement rings. Tom said " I
really ought to get on with this" and a half hour of chatter and hugs
followed as Tom tried to pluck up the courage to ask. Then just as it
was time to go to work, the words "Will you marry me?" came tumbling
out. And I said Yes!

 Today has been a very happy day.

 After work we went ring shopping in West Quay as it was open late.
Ernest Jones was our first stop, and I had my ring finger sized, M as
it happens, and we looked through their selection of emerald rings.
The first one we saw we both liked, which was a first, but we thought
we better have a look around first.

 Nowhere else had anything we liked, though we did have fun getting Tom
some engagement cufflinks from John Lewis and in the end we went back
to Ernest Jones.

 It must have been fate as the ring was exactly my size, and Tom's
middle name is Ernest, and I am Alexandra Jones, and we both liked it!
So we bought it, and it sits here all sparkly and shiny on my finger

 Tattinger with green curry for dinner, and this evening we have made a
start on the guest list, have planned hymns and readings and thought
of all kinds of fun things.

 I thank God for this handsome, funny, charming, caring man. As my gran
said today, you two are certainly made for each other!

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