Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things done today

I've had such a lovely day.

 I spent the morning creating wedding hairstyles for an old school
friend, who's getting married next week. We tried a range of grecian
plaits and I think we settled on something.

 Then after lunch I went wedding dress looking with Mum, Verity and
Amy. Here's my favourites:


 This one is very regal, but I wasn't 100% about it, as I think it was
a bit slinky for my hips.


 This one was the big puffy one, and I wasn't so keen on it. I felt a
bit ridiculous.


 This was my favourite so far. I just loved it, even though the sample
was not Alex sized.

 This is the colour I think Verity will be wearing:

 There were two more I tried on. One was a strapless one, which
everyone went ooh at when I walked out. I think the reason for this is
that this was an Alex size sample and so looked better overall because
it fitted, and one was one similar to :

 I quite liked that one too.

 Then it was off out to a family meal with Mum's side for an engagement
celebration. It was really sweet because my Gran gave us the patchwork
quilt that she makes all the family when they get married. It has
fabric from dresses and things she's made for me, and patches with
embroidery about important events. Mum has one and my aunty too. It's
absolutely beautiful and is all hand sewn.

 The lovely Charley also sent me a fab bouquet of gerberas as a
congratulation gift. It came with a vase and a balloon! It's great!

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