Thursday, December 13, 2007

Children, Do not sew through your finger with a sewing machine.

On Tuesday evening I was sewing away at my sewing machine. I had made four Christmas presents and was sewing away at the fifth, when, all of an inch from finishing it, the fabric slipped and I caught my finger beneath the screw that holds the needle, and sewed through my finger. I caught the fleshy part just to the right of the nail on my left index finger. It went right through to the other side. In adrenaline filled schock, I tried to reverse the needle out, as I would with fabric. The adrenaline wore out and the pain was so great, that Tom helped me cut the threads and remove the needle from the machine. My knight in slightly tarnished armour then took me to Casualty.

We sat in Casualty for at least 3 and a half hours. When they came to remove it, I was given a local anaesthetic, and nitreous oxide. The lovely nurse decided that they would cut the needle in half and then slide one half out oneside and the other the other. The wire cutters were too weak and the ring cutter made a clicking noise I could hear through the clouds induced by the laughing gas. The most painful bit was when she was trying to cut it with the cutters, and they were pulling at it. I thought local anaethetics were supposed to take the pain away, but you could still feel things? If that's so, this must have been really painful. I went away with a plastered finger, feeling more than slightly sick.

Today I have two small spots on my finger, and a new respect for Tom who kept his cool when faced with my hysterics.

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Anonymous said...

Awww honey!! That is not a good thing to do to yourself!! Are you ok? Get Tom to give you a huge huggle for me sweetheart, sounds like you deserve it! Hope it all stops hurting soon and heals nicely and without any trouble my lovely xxx