Saturday, December 22, 2007

Where are we?

I spent this morning running around Shirley, getting lost, using the wonders of the mobile to get Toddy to direct me to the Sorting Office, and finally picking up a parcel for Tom before it got returned to sender due to him being in France.
I am supposed to be finishing my reading before commencing the 4000 word beast of an essay on the Elephantine community of the 5th BCE in Egypt of Jewish mercenaries. Any takers to do it for me?

Mentally I'm a bit all over the place at the moment. I think I just want to hibernate.

Tom is not here. Which is very strange as the last few weeks we have been nearly inseperable. My housemate commented last night how impressed he was that Tom and I do work in each other's company and generally look out for each other. I was chuffed Pinstripe had noticed. I feel a little bit like I've lost my shadow or my reflection. Still it does give me a chance to finish wrapping his Christmas presents which you cannot do if someone's around cooking you gorgeous roast lamb or whisking you away for weekends in the countryside.

Of which we have done both recently. We stayed with his mum in a village near Andover and tramped through muddy woods with dogs in wellies, and stayed up late playing Elite Cow, the dairy cow breeding game that's fun for all the family. You purchase sperm rings for £100 a pop and then try and breed the Elite Cow of the title. Hilarious, a bit like Monopoly with cattle. It was all very cosy, and fun to help him out clearing out his childhood things, reading his school reports and the like.

The essay writing sucks when everyone else around you is being festive. I escaped home to go to the dentist and to go carolling with my family and friends. We had one very merry (read tipsy) old gent come out, and conduct us through "Hark.." and quiz us on who wrote the lyrics and music. Other than that I was chuffed as Mum had made me a Mrs Christmas cape and given me my first Christmas badge to pin on it. I'm a real grown up lady now! Now to make the beautiful red full skirted dress to wear with it...

I shall leave you with some pictures of various things....

The Roman Baths at Bath at Twilight, from the road trip Rob, Louise, Tom and I took.
Tom makes awesome gravy...

...whilst Alex comes over all interior designy and puts baubles in glasses...

...and decorates very small tree that sit under her lovely screen print.

...before sitting down to this awsom reduced leg of lamb we got in Tescos....Yum!

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