Thursday, May 11, 2006

Today or Yesterday depending if you've slept....

Today I jumped rather uncermoniously out of bed at 7am, ran off to the loo then jumped back in bed till 8am. Today was one of the glorious days where there are no lectures till 11am so I afforded myself the luxury of an hour more of heaven. When I did finally get up I had the pleasure of trying to find something delicious to wear as there was a bright bright sun in the sky! I settled on a denim mini dress with spaghetti straps and a white crossover cropped t - shirt to protect my whiter than white shoulders.

When I had finished my bus ride and walk combo to the Arts campus, I realised I had powerwalked it and managed to arrive ten mins early, so treated my self to dinky bowl of salad and a bottle of Coke and Lime. [PUT THE LIME IN THE COKE YOU NUT! ;-)] The salad bowl included coleslaw, my favourite, and a greek style salad of black olives, feta esque cheese which was too squidgy to be proper feta, red onions, tomatoes and lettuce. I topped this with three melon balls for a random sweet contrast because I'm random.

My seminar today was on History and Film, and I managed to blag my way through it as unfortunately, everytime I'd gone to watch the set films, only the feature film, Elizabeth was in, not the documentary Elizabeth by David Starkey. My group were set the questions on the feature film to discuss, and we did eventually. To be perfectly honest the group were hopeless. Two of the girls appeared to know each other well, thus excluding me and the other guy, let me get on with discussing our answers with the seminar tutor, and then nominated me the speaker for the presentation. I flatly refused to do it alone as this was groupwork, and so was cut off everytime I tried to speak during our presentation. The rest of the seminar became a discussion on the current and future nature of American politics, with the consensus in the group being our dream election scenario would be Condaleeza Rice vs Hilary Clinton. There was an interesting moment when the chairman of the other group couldn't take his eyes off me knitting with out looking at what I was doing. Knitting does tend to mesmerise people.

I then spent a few hours searching for texts for my next essay and paying though the nose for photocopying services. Upon returning home I sat and knitted, ate ice lollies, watched bits of the Apprentice online and then workedcreally hard. A satisfying day.

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