Friday, May 12, 2006

Halb - Blah backward

I jumped out of bed today at 7am, and knocked on Chris' door to make sure he got up for a doctors appointment, and good thing too since it seemed his alarm didn't go off. I can actually hear it through the wall somtimes. After that I got dressed, grabbed the bag of things I had prepared last night and headed out the house.

I was swimming in the granny lane of the uni swimming pool by 815am. Impressed? I was. The bus ride down was nice as it was sunny and early so no one was really about. The pool though, was busier than I thought it would be. My swimming skills are severely lacking, and I am more unfit than I thought. But I've decided to make Friday morning my swimming day as its a day off from lectures. I really want to get fit.

A little light shopping followed, resulting in me buying nice wholegrain granary bread and a copy of the Times. I was pleasantly surprised that it only cost me 20p! Bargain!

I have admit that upon returning home I napped. I have been feeling light headed and dizzy all day, I think the heat is getting to me. didn't help tht I spent a hot [but very enjoyable] hour or so studying and reading and doing the crossword with Amy and her new fella.

The rest of the day I read and napped alternately and ate ice lollies in a bid to keep cool.

Rob is here now and we're off to the Hobbit, to see a band I've seen before an enjoyed, loopy.

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