Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Updato Fernando

Well this reading thing is a malarky. I can do it! yay!

As for knitting, the arisaig is on hold till I can photo blog my efforts and ask for advice. I'm knitting this wee shawl thing for someone. Blue and lacy and lovely.

Loads of people here requiring knitting type attention. Hats for cold heads, scarves and woolley socks all required. See we're students. Can't afford heat!

I have to be a hairdresser too.

It's all good.

Found a hug buddy for lonely days as well, Chris my next door neighbour. He's going to be my dancing partner as well so I don't feel left out when the flat goes out. He plays violin too - what is it with me and musical friends?

Missing Rob like crazy. Missing in jokes, laughter and familiar smells. I must work out what washing powder he uses. That's a little more subtle than spraying myself with lynx. I love my man. So much.

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