Monday, October 10, 2005

It feels more like home now.

More flat mates :-

Dave - is quiet, and polite, and everso everso in the nicest way possible a bit of a nerd. Poor thing got beaten up on the way home the other night.

Elisa - Loud from London, short, pretty, a singer doing music.

Erin - A Christian from round here who wanted to stay close to her home church. Bonde in the funniest way poss.

I feel settled, I've started calling it home.

I'm just about to start doing my washing.

I've dressed people up as school childrend, I've cooked and frozen food for myself. I've even had my first lectures. Which were introductionry ones and therefore boring.

Strangely, though I got my choice of WW1, I've been assigned to Early Jewish Magic rather than Childhood and Youth in Early Modern Britain. This is going to be interesting. Now when I was trying ot choose my options, this one did stand out at me as if bolded, like God was tryingot say somethig, but I ignored it as I didn't think it'd be applicable to any of my further studies.

But I'm on it anyway. I wonder what God's going to try and teach me.

I met a mature student on my course today. His name is Geoff. 50ish, ex - army, with a Latvian (I think that's right) father. The man is fascinating. And he's a nice not shove it in your face Christian. So far that's 2 on my floor, one in the room below and one on my course at least. God is looking after me.

I'm going to the circus society tonight. Should be fun. What does one wear to that I wonder?

But you know what sucks?

Really sucks?

Missing Rob.

I've been hanging out with Ruth and Sam and their friend. And man do couples make you sick in the nicest way. In jokes, having someone to hug you, company when you need it, understanding when you don't. I miss companionship. Specifically yours Rob.

Especially the sick sense of humour ;-)


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