Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Day 3 - I might survive.

Fortunately the people on my floor are lovely.

There's Sam, music student, in a long term relationship with Ruth who's also here to do music but not in this building, plays spanish guitar and sings tenor and cooks me bacon in the morn.

There's Chris who's quiet and always listening but always interested and genuine.

There's Amy who's an ex of a friend from home who has cool tattoos and does martial arts...

and loud london Amey who went backpacking in NZ for a year and who I don't think has slept yet.

more People from hall in my next post - I'll keep you waiting.

I feel settled now. Everything is unpacked and lovely and homey. I've cooked a proper meal. Made a friend. Told people about knitting. Ridden my bike. Registered!

I think I'll be ok


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