Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mostly March

I love Tom so I made him a Giant Flapjack:

He was happy:

He was also happy when we went to see Jess and some stuffed sheeps:

Tom made amazing diary free beef stroganoff:

and I arranged flowers for mothers day:

I cut Pie and Emma's hair:

and got to see the veil I made in action at Ben and Laura's wedding:

Laura had beautiful hair:

There were lots of girls:

I had a massive hat:

and an old car:

There were also ducks:

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Qualcuno said...

Nice photos, even though I'm sad I'm not in any of them! I'm sure I was at the wedding somewhere :)

Alex Tarling said...

I'm sorry I'm not sure who you are! But rest assured, I didn't take many pictures. I'm sure will be online from other people soon.