Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weddingy things

I have been really enjoying planning the flowers for the wedding. We've found a lovely Southampton florist called Jackie who has been really helpful.

I have also been drooling over flowers on the Flower Design St Annes's Blog. Their stuff is amazing. I didn't realise how much I enjoy greenery and foliage in flower arrangements, so we're going to be including lots of green and structural textures.

The red bouquet is my inspiration at the moment on shape and style. The lovely Ruth leant me her wedding planning scrapbook and this bouquet caught my eye.

Jess came down to stay last weekend and we had a fantastic time. We went to dinner at Dock O the Bay, one of our possible reception venues. The food there was awesome, and we had a great evening with Louisa chatting away and sounding like food critics. Jess is making our wedding cake and she had brought us 7 different cakes to try. It is such a hardship this getting married malarky. We had:
Maderia Cake
Lemon Maderia Cake
Chocolate Maderia Cake
Rich Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Celebration Cake
Light Fruit Cake
Dark Fruit Cake.

Tom was surprised as he liked the light fruitcake, normally being a fruitcake hater. So we're having a large light fruit cake tier, a maderia cake tier, a chocolate tier of some kind and a rich fruitcake tier. Tom wants to do the thing where you keep the top tier for your first born's christening. This from a chap who doesn't want children for 7 years or something! The top tier will be a very alcoholic rich fruit cake then....

I have also been experimenting with wedding hair. I'm not sure if I want it up or down, but I liked this chignon I created.

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