Friday, October 09, 2009

On a Mission to Make a Tiny Tortoise

I am on a mission to make a tiny tortoise before tomorrow morning.

It's going to be a cross between:


What a fabulous weekend we've had. Tom's nephew, Rich and his lovely
fiancee Clair came to stay, and we had fun with them. We went to the
Eastleigh Lakeside Railway, where Tom and Rich had spent many a happy
hour as children. Then Tom took us on a wild goose chase around Totton
looking for a nature reserve. We eventually found it, and trying to
avoid stray cows and pylons we saw the marshlands, reeds and not very
many birds. Then it was off to Pulchinellas in Carlton Place for a
very reasonably priced and delicious meal.

On the Sunday we had a massive breakfast, dashed off to church, and
returned for a massive lunch. It was the children's service at church
and the curate ran a chaotic but fun Sukkot based service with tent,
fruit and wordsearches for all. It was very fun! I loved our lunch,
laughing at Rich's jokes, and eating yummy roast pork. The sunday
afternoon was joyous too. We sat around chatting, and after waving
goodbye to Rich and Clair, Lula and john stayed until the evening. I
know John wasn't very well, but despite that it felt really homely and
cosy, watching telly and doing work. We even had leftovers and clear
out the fridge tea, just like I used to do when I was little.

On Monday night, Tom and I had Jive, where we learnt the Yoyo, on
Tuesday night, I went to see my friend Fran and had a good girly catch
up and on Wed i hada driving lesson in the morning and went to the gym
in the evening. Getting the bus home in the pouring rain on Wed and
trudging through the dark and twinkling lights reflecting in the
raindrop made me feel 10 again. We used to walk home from town having
been to some club, with a portion of salty vinegery chips shared
between my sisters, myself and my mum. Warm paper in cold hands,
licking salt from your fingers, and rushing, walking towards home.

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