Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fleeting Thoughts for the Auto Biography

Dad was away all week. He'd come back at weekends. Being made redundant when Eleanor was only a baby was hard on us, and when the job came up in Torquay he took it. He'd stay in B and B's all week. He'd come back at weekends.

On Fridays he'd have a McDonalds. You know. When they were cool. It was cheap food I suppose. It's funny what you remember. He'd come back with happy meal toys for Eleanor and I. Especially when it was the Barbie doll or Disney film promotions. Some times he'd have an adult meal and buy two toys seperately. I remember the some of the first ones we got. The Mc Dinos, a plastic happy meal box and cup that were like Transformers. The side of the box had little fold out sections, one for a head and one for a tail, and the handles of the box, those ones that were like the golden arches made the spines of a stegosaurus. The cup opened in halves with a pop up head and a pop out tail in pink, milkshake that had gone jurassic to amuse my sister and I. I remember loking forward to the toys. I don't really remember that Dad had gone, only the times when he was home. Strange, isn't it?

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