Saturday, October 13, 2007


Party Dress was done with an hour and a half to spare.
It was great fun to dance in. Thanks to Peter for the amazing photos he took at my birthday including this one. The party was great, despite setting my hair on fire when blowing out the candles. Hannah, my housemate was a true star that night, buying me a cake, getting me tea, and ferrying things about in her car. Dave, the other house mate did a cracking job on the decks, and Matt and Cecil, yet more house mates, kept me in drinks with a bar tab that probably contributed to the setting my self on fire. Thanks to Simon for getting me back in my house and Tom for walking me home. You're all ace!
Tom mean while went from this.... this... *growl*!
Finally, just because I like the picture. Mel, Jess and I on a night out. I love my dancing girlies.

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ミス・イギリス said...

You look gorgeous and so does you dress! xx