Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So, How are You?

Term has kicked in with a vengeance. I got my shoes back. I have been in and out.

I am learning Aramaic. This is a whole new language for me, new grammar, new structures, but it is written using Hebrew characters and vowel pointing. 
At least I think that's how you describe the vowell-ly bits. That was a technical term by the way. So far the class is purely philogical, translating bits of Biblical Aramaic and putting them into context.

My other class is on Jerusalem and the way it has been remembered and percieved through time, both spiritually and physically. I am presenting on Friday regarding the spiritual significance of Jerusalem in Judaism in the Modern Era. I hope it goes ok. I really am swimming in the dark on this course, but I am finding it fascinating.

There has been some knitting. I am attaching the arms to the body of Sarah's hoody, and decreasing for the yoke section. Does any one out there have a hood tutorial? I am busy knitting for myself before the Christmas rush as well. This time it's Gretel by Ysolda, beacuse I want a nice warm winter hat. I really do need to go shopping and get a circular needle in the right size as the stitches keep leaping of my double pointed needles.

There has also been some dancing. I am killing myself, spending £8 a week and getting all sweaty under the lights of the union dance studio attending three ballet classes a week. The beginner's class to lend moral support to Tom and Nick, justing starting their journey down the ballet road. Then immediately after that on Monday nights, its the intermediate class, which is closest to me current level and leaves me with legs like jelly. Tuesday night sees me back at the studio, dancing from 8 - 10pm in the advanced class, and doing pointe work at long last. The allegro is way way way way way (Did you get that... WAY! ) beyond me, but the barre and the adage push me just far enough. I wake up in agony and hate looking at myself in the mirror during class but the dancing makes me feel alive. My goal this term is to be able to do pose turns on pointe.

I suppose I better go and read my book on Persia now. Love to all... x

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