Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The title comes from the noise Chris makes whilst stressed out.

We're all stressed out. So much work on. Feeling a bit distant from everyone. I really want some human contact, and keep hanging around with people, but its like being in a bubble. Everyone feels very far away.

Assignments due and progress:-

Group project presentation - done, final assesment on fri, need to swot for questions - due 28th April.

Group project reflective essay - started, 300/2000 words, need to read examples - due 25th May.

Gender and Society in France essay - all research done, 0/4000 words, need to start actually writng - due 17th May

Latin assignement - done, off to my friend John for proof reading - due 11th May

Exams start 29th May


On a lighter note, having a girly night in and being all thirteern years old tomorrow night with various girls. Should be just what I need. Disney films, chocolate and wine :)

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