Monday, April 09, 2007

Worthing Goodness

OMG I love being a guest at Chris'.

I went to Mass and it was interesting. I got to sing nice and loud, and Chris' mum, Brenda said I had a lovely voice. We had a huge and delicious lunch, with salmon to start and roast beef for the main, and champagne and they'd bought me an egg, and I had a lovely dress and wow. It's great here. I hope you all had a happy chocolate and eternal redemption day.

Today when I got up, Brenda was boiling eggs for us to paint. We then went and rolled these eggs down a hill at Petworth Park and deer watched. Very beautiful. Chinese for tea too!

I shall leave you with pictures. I am snuggled up on the sofa with Chris and so I don't feel like writing much. It's much too comfortable to think.

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