Saturday, March 17, 2007

There's no justice in the damp box room

Well now rage has overtaken me again.

Our current landlord has sold the house in which we live. My housemates and I have found a new property to live in when our lease runs out in July. This is a good thing because the house is mouldy, damp and far too small.

I have the box room. I am used to this, as when I lived at home I have the box room. Unfortunately the landlord did not really provide enough storage space for this room and so I have cardboard boxes for all my stuff under my desk, my bed and top of my wardrobe. I have a box on my chest of drawers. In short I am making the most of what I have.

Now the agency through which we deal with our landlord said that they were coming round with the new owners to see the house today, and that we needed to tidy the house. Fair enough, thought I. Less fair that the plumber who came to fix a problem with the bathroom sink reported back to them that the house was a tip.

All term I have kept my room as tidy as I could. When you only have 7ft square of floor space you have to, just to make the space inhabitable. My other housemates did a mad scramble to tidy up as much as possible as they have more space and can afford to be messier than I.

I was out studying in the library when the lady from the agency came. I have just spoken to my housemate, who was also out, but apparently, my room was barely passable. BARELY PASSABLE?!?! I tidied it as much as I could without disturbing the order of the books, files and notes I am working from. Since I am not going home for Easter, these things need to be in my room, as that is where I will be working. In fact, Chris once asked if I needed everything I had in the boxes in my room, and I went through the contents with him to prove that I did. It is a bittersweet irony that the housemate who generally has the untidiest room was told that their room was the best.

Also we are to stop hanging things in the living room on airers, as that is causing the damp. Again, fair enough. But how is drying clothes in the living causing the damp in my upstairs room, or in the kitchen, two rooms over?

Thank goodness we are moving. That's all I can say.

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Peter said...

And is it in your contract that your rooms must be very tidy *during* the tenancy? If not, you can tell the lady from the agency where to go...

As to drying clothes, it will dampen the whole house. However if the landlord will not fix the route cause of the problem, a condensing tumble dryer is cheap and provides him with an easy way to show he's tackling the damp problem. And it works - we did it last year and it reduced the condensation in the house a lot (but the surveyor who came to revalue the house said the walls contained more damp than any regulation allowed...)