Sunday, March 11, 2007

Knitting does still happen in Alex land.

I'd been on a bit of an enforced break from knitting due to work commitments, but a high stress level sent me straight back to it. I find the swish of yarn from needle to needle comforting and I love watching fabric emerge.

So, I've finished the black simple cardigan I was knitting over Christmas, and I bought fabulous red vintage red buttons for it from Ebay for only £1. Red is a major part of my wardrobe,mainly due to it being a great colour on me, and when Amy reminded me of this, it was red buttons for this cardi all the way.

The other knitted item in the pic is a 'Where's Wally?' hat for my friend Marv. A mutual friend is having a 'Where's Wally?' themed party for his birthday on Thursday. Marv was wondering where he could find the perfect hat and came to me. Of course. I came home to find wool on my bed last night and I finished it at 1am this morning, introducing Chris to the wonders of pompom making.
<-- Marv

Other things on my needles include a cropped grey cardi that uses horizontal cables as a design feature. I'm using Eunny's v. good tutorial. I aspire to her level of creativity and technical ability.

In other knitting news, remember this cardigan?Well, it's Arisaig from but I was stupid and made it using cotton yarn instead of wool, the wrong weight yarn and I didn't block it before sewing it together. It does not look good on. So it's going to be unravelled and become this with the border of this. I shall accomplish this using a provisional cast on. I shall be using the excess yarn to make some sort of cropped cardigan with a matching lace border. Maybe something like this. But with more fitted sleeved and a half stockinette body.

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