Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Not so shiny Alex


This is the nitty gritty, awake in the middle of the night, entry.

I have been poorly [TMI in the explosive manner] and missed all my end of term lectures. This made me cross and feel more wretched than normal. May I mention here, Chris surpassed himself, coming to my aid with loo roll, crackers, bottled water, nourishing soup, a paper and his lovely self to help bring me back to the living. I only hope I did not interfer too much with his coursework. I felt rough enough to cry with relief when he came through the door and held me close. I also felt guilty. True I had done the same amount of nursing when he had food poisoning, but I have this fear of taking things from people. Food, money, kindness, time. It meant such alot to me to have him play the knight in shining armour, and having him stroke my head whilst I squirmed in pain. He's such a comforting presence, he really is. I shall have to find an appropriate way to thank him.

My sleeping pattern is officially shot to hell as I've slept at least 18 hours out of the last 36, culminating in me waking at 1am last night, then going to sleep again at 5am. I woke up today at 3pm thus the awakeness now. Damn! Though in these late nights I get alot of writing done, and I am pleased to say there are 1000 words out of 4000 on my Old Testament essay backed up on Gmail.

As for knitting, all the Christmas stuff is done, from rediculous toys for my Chris to fingerless gloves for my sister. I do have one penguin to seam up. Unfortunately I left my camera at Chris' house so pics when I can. I have one sock left to knit in the lovely Regia I bought in Amsterdam, but that will be my knitting whilst doing Christmas in Ireland knitting.

I now need to decide on what projects to persue next. I have a cone of pink cobweb yarn, that could become a shawl or a small lacey cardigan. I shall look around for a pattern I can adapt.

I feel very angsty at the moment. Due to some stupidity on my part, regarding banks and not knowing which account had the authorised overdraft I can use whenever, I have some money worries. Nothing too alarming, just means treats are limited at the moment. I think after. Christmas I should be ok as long as I'm strict on my budget again.

***Edit*** Lori recieved my parcel of baby goodies. Check out the pics here.

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