Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Times Two


I have cooked meat and roasties for 12, be-birthdayed the bf, and done Christmas with my closest friends.

I also have stress spots, a burn on my forearm and I'm going to Northern Ireland tomorrow for Christmas.

To keep me sane and to fill the gaps in between doing my Latin assignment and missing Chris, I am knitting a short black cardi, much like the ones Nigella Lawson wears in her near pornographic cookery programme. It's a butchered version of Candy from, but without the stripes. I shall not take pics as it is black and therefore dull.

Now for the last few days in pictures.

This is the Joy in Meat form that is the Big George Kebab, described in detail in this post.

The gorgeous tree at the lads's house, with loads of lovely pressies underneath and decorations by Asda Smartprice, though you'd never know. It looks so lovely in real life!

The chicken and the HUGE turkey drumstick for my Christmas meal. There was also Roast Pork, but after the two shots I have on here, things got a bit hectic and I soon forgot about my camera. I did manage to stuff 12 people in my living room as well which I think is impressive.

Here is my housemate Matt, looking proud of the huge amount of potatoes he had peeled. He taught me this ace way of fluffing potatoes with a fork post boil but pre roast that meant they were uber crispy. HUGE thanks should go to Matt as he was really helpful with all the cooking and getting things ready for the party on Sat, and I think a good time was had by all. I especially enjoyed Marv's candied yams, and Amy's key lime pie.

This is me trying to capture just how pretty the tree was, but sans flash. As you can see I have shaky hands...

Then came Birthdaying the bf on the Sunday! Here is Chris with the quilt I made over the summer. It feature tortoise applique as tortoises are his fave animal. Fortunately he liked it.

Chris, you really need to name this cow! It's one of those Cushtie pillows and uber soft.

I love me this moo cow! If Chris should ever disown it, its coming to live with me.

Here is my darling Amy, of key lime pie fame. Have I mentioned her before? She lived across from me in halls, and I love her. She's orgininally from Wiltshire too and is studying Occupational Therapy. She's also one of the few girls who I've ever really clicked with and consider a close friend. For some reason that doesn't happen very often. Anyway, she bought Chris a fantastic birthday present which I will document below....

Chris (the other one) and Amy like to play with black rubber...this present involved alot of blowing...

...Amy looking relatively glam whilst blowing...

...Me failing miserably...

...all so Chris could be a Gladiator. Then we popped the head of one giant cottonbud and fighting had to cease.

There was birthday caking for Amy, (her birthday was last week remember...;-)) and for Chris. He had the very boyish blue nosed bear one as Amy wanted the chocolate. I have some fantastic memories of Amy and I eating all the choc off this cake as we played Articulate and whipped the boy's proverbial asses.


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Anonymous said...

Hooray for Big George kebabs! Although I always preferred Charcoal Grill myself.

Good luck with the rest of thee exams if you're still trudging through. My better half finishes tomorrow but that didn't stop him getting totally obliterated in Jesters at the weekend... hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hey, only just got your meebo message - boss was lurking about! Eep! Yes, a soton person - but that's kinda a (poorly kept) secret!! :) Well, I was a student just over 2 years ago, but can't seem to leave the place!