Saturday, October 14, 2006

Intresting Times

The first week of term proper has passed. Both my subjects this term are proving to be fascinating. So much so that doing the work for them is far much more like pleasure.

The Latin is easy and hard in turns. It's hard to get out of the A level French habit of getting the gist and using that instead of a completely accurate translation. Declensions and conjugations are now used instead of sheep to lull me to sleep. The lecturer however is great fun, peppering grammar sessions with humourous examples, from hailing a cypress to tree, to bitching about Marcus Brutus using all the different forms of nouns.

The Old Testament unit is also fantastic. (Even if I did sleep through the first Hebrew lecture with a rotten cold! oops!) The lecturer is so enthusing, and so easy to listen to. Such a good orator infact that sometimes I forget to take notes as I'm so rapt with attention!

Outside of lectures things are going swimmingly. I dance twice a week, the second time being in a creative choreography session run by myself. I'm dancing with a partner that I adore that adds an added frission at the ballroom classes, and a friend has offered himself as a partner for the advanced classes next term. Which makes my day as I feel a little bored with the beginners classes now. So much so Chris and I left half way through one. It was absolutely packed and we couldn't hear the instructor. Not good.

I'm also expanding my repetoire of other things today. Tuesdays is now jazz night! A local watering hole, the Talking Heads offers a free Jazz night on tuesday, alternating fornightly between old time New Orelans Jazz and more modern jazz. It's a great night out, calling for dancing shoes.

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