Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Words in lieu of pictures

I don't have the internet in my house yet, so here are words and I'll add pictures when I can.

First my birthday. What a wonderful day. It began with me opening my presents at Chris' at midnight, with what was the end of the day before running into my day. Chris had bought me little models of Ranma 1/2 characters all the way from Japan. Ranma is a considered a family anime show, and the main premise is that the lead character Ranma turns into a girl when he falls into cold water, then becomes male again if doused in hot water. Hilarity ensues. I had a birthday party in a box from my family, including spangly hairclips, brooches and a going out top to wear. It also had jelly, candles, cake mix, iced gems, party rings and the like. My granparent gave me a smart black t-shirt and a khaki canvas messenger bag.

After falling asleep and waking up again I returned to my house to begin the getting ready process. I showered, teased, plucked, moisturised and then some. When Alex/Cecil arrived we played Sims2, being evil genii and then had a huge sartorial dicussion. The darling had gifted me with good books as well. Things got better again when Hannah (one of my other housemates) and Amy, (my bestest girl friend in Soton) came, Hannah bearing a birthday cake iced like a ball of wool, and Amy a beautiful amber pendant. More girly ness followed with chatting and hair curling and the ilk. I put Amy's hair up in a french pleat, as she'd never had it pinned up before and I'm proud to say it lasted the whole night.

When we were all dolled up, Chris arrived to escort us to the Cowherds, a nice pub on the Common here in Soton. He wore my dad's old dj with beat up jeans and crisp white shirt - mmm hot! All my friends really made an effort with their clothes and when everyone arrived to eat at the pub it was like being in a Richard Curtis film. I felt very special indeed, especially when Alex/Cecil made a darling toast, and everyone sang Happy Birthday out of tune as we left the pub. I didn't realise quite what lovely friends I have. They all looked so handsome and were all so kind.

More friends were awaiting me at the Hobbit, including Simon, the chaplain chap with the blog. That's quite an achievement in my book, and Simon, this is public aknowledgement for you. Everyone said how interesting he was, and what a nice guy he was. So you did well there Simon and thank you soooooo much for coming. There was much dancing and chatting and mingling, and I felt thouroughly like a society debutante I got increasingly drunk as people kept buying me drinks and I also managed to change my dress in the middle of the crowd without anyone noticing, which is also impressive. I do remember dropping a whole drink all over Carrie, for which I am very sorry.

My wonderful day ended with me being very angry with Chris over something I cannot remember as he tried to walk me home - but it cannot have been that bad as it provided laughs the following day.

**Edit**Here is one little pic yoiked from Alex's facebook. I hope you don't mind, if you do I'll take it down.

*****Edit***** Selected pics. The rest are on my flickr


Anonymous said...

Mind? Mind? WHy else did I put them up there? Of course, you could just ask and I'll zap them onto a USB stick for you... then you can have the entire "reel" (I can never leave real photography behind)

Anonymous said...

Help! The internet conspires to freak me out once again. Here I am sitting in Cambridge, and from knowing Tom Tarling I look at his chaplain's weblog, and follow a random link to your weblog where I find a picture of John Maguire who I worked at IBM with for the summer, only having met him through friends I met in Cambridge which was a coincidence to begin with. Sounds like a Dave Gorman-worthy coincidence... who just happens to be a friend of said chaplain!