Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Slowly going mad.

am I.

This working business doesn't help much. First there's the early starts, fighting my dad and my sister for a space in the bathroom. I've got used to wondering out whenever I see fit, not this sharing malarky. I hope next year I don't run into the same trouble.

Then there's the 'what - do - I - wear - work -?' jumble of thoughts either the night before or when I've stumbled out of the bathroom. Now some parts of the workforce dress very casually, jeans, hoodies and the like. My office is full of men in suits and ties. Women could wear this but I think I'd look silly. I want to look feminine and professional. I've been trying to emulate Cutty from House as I think she gets the balance right.

The journey to work is a silent one, chilled by the air conditioning if I'm travelling with my Dad. Both of us are not - I repeat - not, morning people. Why he insists having the air con on even when it's cold, I do not know. I suppose, if I think hard enough, it's to wake him up. I just want to curl up in the warm and sleep some more. Oh sleep how I missed thee!

I have to take a bus up and down the hill to work after Dad has dropped me off, or from the station if he hasn't. This involves trying to explain to Eastern European bus drivers where I want to go. Either they are deaf, or I cannot speak properly. From the numerous occasions in the past, where even my nearest and dearest think I'm saying 'smarty pants' instead of 'ambulance' for example, I clearly suffer from a surfeit of constenants.

I've worked out I will spend approx £350 travelling to work this summer. That's my £2700 less quite a bit. The holiday is going to take a dent out of that. And the laptop I just HAVE to buy. Leaving me Let's say £1800 to pay for the rent for the house I am NOT living in this summer. Gah.

The work its self is mainly typing and spreadsheet making, and I wasn't expecting anything else really.

Being home sucks ass. Everything's changed and feels wrong and I want to go home. To my other home. Where I can be me. But when I'm there, I feel like I'm intruding there too.

Chris, if you read this it's hidden in white on the real post, but it should show up on your bloglines account. It's a secret message. Its boring without you and I miss you. Am i being stalkery enough yet...:-P


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