Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Job

but because I signed the official secret act, I'm not allowed to write about working here till I've finished working here.

Needless to say its ok pay - not as good as last year at Pickfords, but enough to keep me going. The people are nice. But there doesn't seem to be much work yet.

Had fantastic time talking to my parents and my oldest little sister last night. Mum was telling us all about her day, but we kept going off on tangents, and then those tangents had tangents. Mum insisted on drawing us back to her day as well. So it was amusing and odd. I've never really been one for talking to my parents, but I tried hard to talk to them as if they were normal people. It worked!

Nothing much else planned for the week really. Might start using the red cotton fabric my mum bought me. It's sprinkled with large white spots, so I'm going to make a grown up version of a minnie mouse dress. Think roland mouret galaxy in red and white spots with a split at the back.

Well that's all for now....I shall try and be more interesting in the future.

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