Friday, June 16, 2006

I feel like I'm on holiday

o now there is nothing to fill my time.

So bad infact I went to the library and got books out for Octobers courses! They are incredibly interesting. We are going to be disecting the Old Testament as a historical source. I've not read enough yet to go into detail, but boy is there alot they don't tell you in Sunday School.

I've been a pest today as I've been distracting my friend next door, Chris. He's cleverly managed to get himself on the Google Summer of Code program and is busy coding an onscreen keyboard for Ubuntu's OS. This means he has work to do and I haven't and so my constant nattering is not very welcome. I went and made mushy peas so he had a moments peace.

I've not really wanted to be on my own these last fews days. Everytime I am I end up thinking and thinking hurts.

I went shopping and treated myself to new underwear from Primark. I also got a top for £5 in the Pilot outlet store. I spent so much but it was worth it. The underwear came to £11 for two sets so I was impressed. One is white with a tiny red flower print and a red lace trim, and the other is pink mesh with pale yellow and pink embriodery. I also got some pijamas there and they are a cami and shorts set in pale green satin with a bamboo print. They were £4! The top from Pilot is a flowing jade green crepe cami with a wide seed pearl trim around the neck.

I also bought a pattern to make up into a dress using the huge white spot on a red ground fabric that my mum found for me. It's just a basic shift pattern, but I'm going to make up a toile and alter the neck line and sleeves to emulate Roland Mouret's galaxy dress in an adult homage to Minnie Mouse. I know I'm sad.

Tomorrow I am off to London to meet up with old friends. It should be good.

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