Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Lying awake, she waited. Anger seethed and receded as waves in her head, thoughts rushing like storm clouds. Why? Why now? Why here? Alone in the dark these meaningless words ate at her insides. A primal howl escaped her lips, the only noise one can make when one has been truly hurt by something.

Sleep was a blissful escape for once. Solid dreamless sleep. Her body sank down into the duvet as the sobs gradually lessened.

The door crashed open, and he walked in. He sat in front of the computer, checked his email and then shut down the system. The room dimmed as the light from the screens faded. She was aware and yet unaware of all this happening around her, her body clinging to the safety of sleep. Her muscles tensed spasmodically.

His shirt and trousers rustled as he let them drop on the floor. Water splashed in the sink.

His lips brushed her neck as he nestled his body around her. In the half awake half asleep dance of couples they arranged themselves into comfortable positions and her body relaxed as his hand brushed over her shoulders.


Anonymous said...

is this really fiction?

Alex Tarling said...

Fiction, fact, whatever.

Its more like wishful thinking on my part.