Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Update and Task set by Lizzy

Inbetween world I drift and smile to myself at the knowledge all is well in me.

My cooking triumph for Rob's rents' 25th Wedding Anniversary left me glowing at praise that included:

"You will make an excellent wife"

The look on their face when they walked into a room full of old friends, balloons and a three course meal was priceless and a memory I'll treasure. rob and I did good. As they say.

The train ride home that day left me glowing as well. Sat ensconced at a tble with two old gents, one considerablely older than the other, I though this would lead to a journey of boredem. I was pleasantly surprised. The older gent had just returned to Southampton from South America by boat by the way of the West Indies, and was full of stories of Mayan textiles and strange voyages. The other man whom I tried to help with his cross word was a music journalist and debated the merits of the new wave of real music that has been sweeping Britain. Guitar driven music that is about sound not face.

And all because I was knitting on the train. I doubt I would have captured their interest enough to merit a smile without my glorious knitting.

Of which there has been much.

I have completed baby clothes for my friend Fran who is expecting twins, I have nearly finished a sleeve for my Arisaig and being a project whore, started a scarf that is for someone's birthday today, so when I get in there will be serious kniting upon that. Pictures if I can find a working camera.

And now for Lizzy's Task:-

Describe the next person you see.

Bounding across the room he came. Like a gamboling puppy or a mischevious sprite. There was always something of Puck in him and his lolling gait, an untouchable grace that didn't fit with the rest of him. The lock of hair that falls in his eyes was impossible to reconcile with such feline elegance, nor the stripy arthouse jumper or the skateboarding shoes.

He was unassuming, unoticable for so long. The quietness made him seem alone in a crowd. But it is written the truth will set you free, and with him it did. Underneath what is given first was a seam of rich humour and wit like finding coal to warm the world in your back garden. A clever, well read mind burnt energy furiously and created a silliness that broke the awkwardness of before.

It was the generosity that struck me the most. The willingness to give what little or much he had. Time, money or a shoulder were always readily available. And are always greatly appreciated. Greatly appreciated.

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