Saturday, March 25, 2006

Last one left...

As I write I can hear Chris locking his room as he leaves for the Easter Holidays.

That makes me the last one left on my floor.
The silence is refreshing. I could wonder around naked is I should so choose to do so.

I can now hear Rob's feet clicking. He's taking me home soon.

And much as I want to go back home to family, and the rolling green of Wiltshire, I am a little sad. As Southampton is a part of me now. There are memories here. Friends are attached to this place.

It's a pleasant bittersweet feeling. To have allegiance somewhere other than where your family resides.

There is much to do this Easter. Three assessd written assignments, one on the disneyization of a local public history site, one on the role of women during the Russian Revolutions and one on a title I have yet to choose, but it must be related to the First Crusade. This work will keep me busy for a long long while.

If I get it done early on there will be time for painting and reading of novels and much much knitting.

I have started knitting a pair of tight fitting jade green gloves, made from the beautiful 100% merino yarn Chris gave me for Christmas. I bought tiny buttons, flowershaped ones that look like they are made from bone, through they are probably plastic to embellish them. I hope they look right against the fine stitch defintition.

Rob is also taking me to a bike race this Easter holiday. I am so very excited.

For once I know who I am and where I am going. This is satifying and exciting and new all at once. I want to cry about it. I don't know why.

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Lori said...

I totally know the feeling. <3