Friday, July 29, 2005

A knittish post

With pictures to follow when I've taken them.

Currently at work waiting for something to do. My waist height filing pile is gone, my delivery notes filed, my storage files made, I am FileGirl - want to patent me?

I finished my lovely socks, I think they were in Socka Mexico - I loved the stripes they made. Nice and warm. It was my first experience of cuff down socks and I think I prefer toe up, being able to try it on as you go is better. Besides in self striping yarn heel flaps look well flappy.... :-)

I made a teeny lace phone cozy in green acrylic for my mobile. It kept getting scratched and that isn't an option. It's got diagonal lines of eyelets in stripes around it. I decided to try out different sorts of decrease after my YO. I like the slip one passover one - cleaner lines!

Currently working on a little wrap cardithing for a friend in blue mohair. Making up a pattern as you go along is very fun....

The Clapotis is okay - the decrease rows now - bit boring but looks lovely.

Next in the mix more socks maybe solid colour with a lace pattern, and then a possible blanket for some recently married internet people.

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