Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm a free woman and man does it feel strange.

No more rushing home to do homework
No more revision
No more registration or assemblies
No more schooly -ness

Will I miss it?

I'm not sure. I loved my time at school, but I feel ready now for a new challenge.

My little history class.. Who's moaning about class sizes now?

The ball has been and gone, all I have to wait for now is results day. I'm currently working at my dad's office as the junior and earning lots of money for an 18 yr old with no experience. At £6.50 an hour tax free I earn more thanmy mum with her 20yrs + as a nursery nurse. Something is so not right there.

where I fell and split my lip

This is my friend Lizzy and I posing whilst the majority of the sixth form pretended to be sad. I wasn't sad. Well until they read'that road less travelled' poem. That gets me every time...


Anyway back to the ball...

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Anonymous said...

YAY for the summer and being free from school :) Its so strange isnt it. I miss it but im still so glad its over!! Take care petal. Love you Fran xxx