Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The sun id shining!

So I've got hayfever...but I can willingly suffer this for the feel of warmth on my skin. I used hate summer, the sweat, the unflattering clothes, the way people expect you to be happy because it's summer.

But all this has changing, since I lost a bit of weigh I sweat less and finding my dream deoderant helps too...not really your usual blog content but I want to sing the praises of this Sanex Extra Dry stuff. It really works, it kind to your skin and it comes in this cool packaging, ensuring the ball is always downwards meaning every last drop get used. Top marks, and only 99p at my work.

Except it own't be my work for much longer. I handed my notice in on Monday. As of the 27th I no longer work there :-) Which is good as I start work as temporary holiday relief on the phones at Dad's office. No more shelf stacking for me. If you should phone Pickfords Removals and Storage, Bath you shall be talking to me first.. not that I'm fond of phones so it will be interesting.

As for knitting...there was a really interesting article in the times on Saturday about how in some school in the US ADHD kids are being giving knitting to do to focus them and how knitting is relaxing. Nothing new to us knitters, but ressuring to know the rest of the world is catching on.
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As for other crafty endevours, I'm working on some secret projects for some birthdays this weekend too. I hope they turn out alright.

I've had three out my four final exams and after my last minute full scale panic attack I'm wel into the swing of them and so looking forward to finishing. I want a summer!!! lol

Love to all

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Anonymous said...

YAY for summer....although todays weather is truly British!hehe Im glad youre feeling happier sweetie. I knew youd be okay :) Take care and see you tomorrow! Love you millions. Fran xxxxxxxxx