Thursday, May 19, 2005

Revsion Time here. I'm four weeks behind last year, and yet I'm still here. Methinks my priorities are not straight.

Though I have just looked over mt transport vocab for my French exam. Go Alex! Tonight I have an hour to work on history too. Berlin blockcade and airlift for definate. Depending on what we go through in lessons of course. School decided no one was going to have study leave this year so I have to fit all this in my frees and after school. Makes it slightly difficult as I can't carry everything to school everyday. Like a years worth of notes.

Rob is being a sweety tonight and dropping me at work, saving me a mad rush. I think he has to take a video back or something.

Knitting news:-
  • Started a Clapotis in some cheap variagated acrylic. I am so NOT a yarn snob. It's lovely, orange, pinky red, purple and black blend.
  • Have two lace scarves on the go, one in dk mohair, one in fingering weight wool.
  • Am thinking of doing a coronet from knitty on a stone colour.

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