Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's so unfair.

Please note I am extremely angry at the world for it's injustice towards me. I know people are dying of hunger and there are loads of economic problems.

At the moment I'm distraught because the holiday we had planned with some people i know has fallen through. They split up, and so because we're christians and have to keep away from the appearance of evil and not be left alone at any stupid time means that ive wasted about £400.

Only now they're back together and seem to be going to Reading. How conveniant. I feel evil for even thinking this. They so obvious;ly didn't want to come with us and will have abetter time at Reading.

Leave me and Rob with the problem of £180 missing from my uni fund, because we had to buy the ferry tickets early. So what's my legal status? DO they have to pay me? is it polite to pay me back since they were adamant they wanted to come?

We asked some other friends, but the guys rents aren't happy with it, and the girl won't come on her own. Atm i'm willing to pay for another friend to come and keep her company.

If it wasn't for the fact Rob has to live with his rent, i'd go on our own in the blink of an eyelid.

I don't care if anyone reading htis thinks i'm a cold hearted selfish blanket blank. Heck I know I am. Just for once, just for effing once, I would like something I organise to go right. I'd like to be able have a nice time. I'd like to go away without my rents like normal people do.

Why do people assume we're going to sleep together? For goodness sake. We've been together for 2 years+. We've had ample opportunity. We've been left home alone and you didn't come back to find us at it like bunnies. We have self control. We're coping. We've fallen asleep int he back of a truck. Nothings happenned? What is your problem? It's like you want me to fail so you can gloat.

Okay rant over.


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