Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Who I was

A 17 year old one trying to be woman, trying to mature

I'm nice naive and beautiful on a good day and you can do no wrong

Inside i'm 4 years old, holding onto a chair, screaming inside because my finger is trapped

and within that is the boring sensibilty of a safe option seeking 37yr old with no ambition

I can do spontenaity...if i'm relaxed enough

but i rarely let go


I'm scared of failing, falling and fire

I'm beautiful pretty, sometimes, like a preraphelite

and sometimes I look like a tramp

I'm a student, a scholar,knoledge seeker, and book lover.

Oh to be forever free of responsibility

I'm scared of my future and desparate for it at the same time

I want to be so many things all at once.

I'm RC's...and God's or God's and RC's..but that's all intrinsicly linked in my soul.

I'm his would be wife, lover and carer

but that has to wait for now

so I settle, for girlfriend.... : - )

It's snowing!


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