Friday, August 23, 2019

More thing to remember about parenting

11 months - Taking great delight in trying to feed us your food.

Then a torrent of language developing:
  • Saying quack when playing with ducks 18/3/2019
  • Saying Hiya, and up, signing for milk and food 2/4/2019
  • Saying teddy and baa for sheep 13/4/2019

Being able to cuddle us back at 13 months

13 months -  Words: Up, Quack, Daddy, Teddy, Baa, Hi, Bubble, mumumum, gone, granny, car, cup, banana, ball, hat, scarf
Signs: milk, food, all finished, quack, where's it gone

First steps on 12 may in France at granddads house whilst dancing to music. Tumbling across the living room into Mummy's arms chasing a rustling wrapper as Grandad encourages you on.

14 months - Words: owl, rabbit and flower, signs nappy

Walking round great granny's garden, being shocked when I throw the ball for you, laughing with glee as I lift you to make you kick the ball to great granny. Great granny being so pleased because you kept leaning out my arms to give her hugs and kisses and wanting to be carried by her. More gales of laughter as we play boo with great granny through the branches of the willow tree and she scampers through them tossing them out the way and roaring at you as you laugh.

You running with glee down the oak gallery at the Vyne making the room guides laugh on a day out with Uncle Martin, Mummy and Daddy.

16 months - asking for cuggles when you want be picked up, giving soppy kisses and saying aww whilst we hug, just like we do to you. Asking to take teddies to bed and for stories.

Words: Up, Quack, Daddy, Teddy, Baa, Moo, Hi, Hiya, Bye, Bubble, Bubby (Mummy), Gone, Granny, Car, Cup, banana, ball, hat, scarf, flower, rabbit, owl, giraffe, nappy, story, cuddle, shoes, floor, door, uh-oh/ohdear, Please, Ta, keys, bath.

Signs: milk, food, all finished, please, quack, where's it gone, nappy, sleep.

Waving at Mummy or Daddy if they're sleeping to try and get their attention, trying to open their eyes for them.

I'm so enjoying watching you develop your personality and character, your curiosity and telling me about what you're thinking even with your limited language, when you're just remembering bubbles or dogs, when there are none nearby to look at.

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